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MIT-AI-Detects-CyberattacksMIT’s new AI²  has false positives detection rate five times smaller than similar cyber-security solutions

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), together with researchers from security firm PatternEx, have built an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can predict cyberattacks 85 percent of the time.

Known as the AI² , the prediction of the attacks created five times fewer false positives than existing cyberattack spotting AIs.

The new system doesn’t depend wholly on AI, but also on user input, something that researchers call analyst intuition (AI), hence its name of AI².

In tests carried out using 3.6 billion log lines of internet activity, AI² was able to identify 85 percent of attacks ahead of time, allowing the system to scan the content with unsupervised machine-learning techniques. The system at the end of each day presents its findings to a human operator, who then confirms or dismisses security alerts.