Franken-Trojan Steals $4M from North American Banks

Researchers at IBM have disFranken-Trojancovered a new piece of malware that has stolen $4 million from more than 24 American and Canadian banks in just a few days.

Numerous credit unions and popular e-commerce platforms were also said to have been targeted.

IBM said that the hackers combined code from two malware types, known as Nymaim and Gozi, to create the unholy hybrid dubbed GozNym—a franken-trojan, if you will.

“Cyber criminals have specialties just like their white-hat counterparts. By taking bits of code from different pieces of malware, they are able to create their malicious payload quicker than writing everything from scratch,” said Travis Smith, senior security research engineer at Tripwire, via email. “This will reduce their time to exploit and increase potential profits from criminal activity.”